Episode 2: Loops with QoQ , CFO call for speakers and topics

October 27, 2011 | by ColdFusion Show | Podcast


Ryan Stille and Mike Henke talk about loops with Query of Queries (QoQ), CFObjective call for speakers and topics, intellij idea, local dev setup, Keith Olbermann, and new, upcoming Coldfusion books.

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  1. Another great online IDE that I've been using is Cloud 9 (http://cloud9ide.com/). It also integrates with github and bitbucket and has a pretty nice console for doing git commands.

  2. One more thing. Just to clarify, I didn't start the Ruby Koans, or even have anything to do with them, the good folks over at Edgecase started that project at http://rubykoans.com/. They were, however, the inspiration for the ColdFusion Koans project.

    Great show, keep up the good work!

  3. Thanks Ryan! Didn't know about cloud9ide. Keep the coldfusion tweets and blog posts coming else we don't have a show.

  4. Thanks for the mention guys :) Just to clarify about the Sublime Distraction Free mode, it has line numbers off by default in that mode, but on by default in all other modes.

    Personally I always have line numbers turned on, but in distraction free mode it looked odd when I turned them on because the code is centered but the line numbers appear on the far left of the screen - there is a real disconnect between the line numbers and the code because of the huge left hand margin, so much so that it's almost like not having line numbers, so I just went with the flow and turned them off again :P In the end I found that for distraction free editing of a single file, I didn't need the use of line numbers anyway, not until I was ready to run and debug code did the line numbers become critical again. You'd need to be some kind of crazy zen coder to never need line numbers though!

  5. So how did I not know about your new show guys?? way to go! Loved the show!